Release 0.4

Key Agency

  • Key agents are trusted parties that hold custody of one or more keys on a multisig vault. See our Key Agency FAQ
  • Key agents can use Smart Vaults to register, configure, and share their signers (x-pubs) with users.
  • Key agents can specify their price in USD or sats, in price per signature and/or an annual flat rate or basis points.
  • Users discover key agents through the Key Agent catalog, and they collaboratively build vaults.
  • Key agent fees are auto-calculated and pro-rated, facilitating processing of micro-transactions to pay key agent fees during low chain-fee time periods.
  • Contact us via Telegram to become a verified key agent or try it out on the testnet.

Vault Collaboration

  • Added vault invite and join flows, including non-participant ‘watchers’
  • Ability to send encrypted chat messages among vault participants.
  • Group chat messaging attached to spending proposals.

Usability Improvements

  • Mobile push notifications (blinded/end-to-end encrypted) when a user shares a key, participates in a vault, and when a proposal is made, approved, or broadcast.
  • UTXO Management: label receiving addresses and UTXOs, select UTXOs as inputs on transactions.
  • Policy path selection: select the tap tree script path when building a transaction (enables more flexible and dynamic miniscript policies)
  • Added ability to view vault balances in fiat (web)

Hardware Wallet Support

  • Coldcard (EDGE firmware)

MiniTapscript template vaults for:

  • Decaying Multisig
  • Collaborative Custody
  • Hold Lock
  • Social Recovery