Fetching Proposals


The Smart Vaults JS library provides multiple methods for fetching proposals.

Available Methods for Fetching Proposals

1. getProposals()

This method fetches all proposals without any filters.

const proposals = await smartVaults.getProposals();

Of course, you can also use it with pagination options.

const newProposals = await smartVaults.getProposals({since: someRecentDate });

2. getProposalsById(proposalIds: Array)

Fetches proposals based on their IDs.

const specificProposals = await smartVaults.getProposalsById([someProposalId, anotherProposalId]);

3. getProposalsByPolicyId(policyIds: Array)

Fetches proposals based on their associated policy IDs.

const policyBasedProposals = await smartVaults.getProposalsByPolicyId([somePolicyId, anotherPolicyId]);