Creating Proposals


The spend method is used to create a spending proposal, first, let's look at the method definition.

Method Signature

spend(payload: SpendProposalPayload): Promise<PublishedSpendingProposal>


payload: SpendProposalPayload

The payload for the spending proposal.

  • policy: PublishedPolicy object.
  • to_address: The recipient's address.
  • description: Description of the proposal.
  • amountDescriptor: Amount to be spent.
  • feeRatePriority: Fee rate priority (e.g., 'low', 'medium', 'high').
  • policyPath: Policy path.
  • utxos: List of unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) to be used. (Optional)
  • useFrozenUtxos: Flag to specify whether frozen UTXOs can be used. (Optional)



A Promise that resolves to a PublishedSpendingProposal object representing the published spending proposal.


The method may throw various errors under certain conditions:

  • Invalid UTXOs: If the provided UTXOs are invalid.
  • Frozen UTXOs Without Flag: If frozen UTXOs are provided but useFrozenUtxos is not set to true.
  • Transaction Building Error: If an error occurs while building the transaction.
  • Publishing Error: If an error occurs while publishing the proposal.

Example Usage

Here's an example code snippet that demonstrates how to use the spend method to create a spending proposal:

const payload = {
  policy: somePublishedPolicyObject,
  to_address: "abc123",
  description: "A spending proposal",
  amountDescriptor: 10,
  feeRatePriority: 'high',
  policyPath: new Map([['nodeId',[0,1,2]]]) // Optional but needed if the policy descriptor has more than one path,
  utxos: ["utxo1", "utxo2"], // Optional
  useFrozenUtxos: false // Optional

const spendingProposal = await spend(payload);