Getting started

Install dependencies

npm install @smontero/smartvaults-js-client @smontero/smartvaults-wasm @smontero/nostr-ual --save

Import modules

import { NostrClient, SmartVaults, Contact, Keys } from '@smontero/smartvaults-js-client';
import { DirectPrivateKeyAuthenticator } from '@smontero/nostr-ual'
import {
  miniscript_to_descriptor as miniScriptToDescriptor,
  can_finalize_psbt as canFinalizePsbt,
  get_trx_id as getTrxIdWasm,
  get_fee as getFeeWasm,
  get_psbt_utxos as getPsbtUtxos,
  descriptor_to_miniscript as descriptorToMiniscript
} from '@smontero/smartvaults-wasm'

Initializing SmartVaults

Parameters for Initialization

  1. authenticator: An instance of an Authenticator
  2. bitcoinUtil: Utility functions related to Bitcoin transactions
  3. nostrClient: An instance of NostrClient for interacting with Nostr relays
// Define the authenticator
const myKeys = new Keys()
const authenticator = new DirectPrivateKeyAuthenticator(myKeys.privateKey)

// Define the bitcoin utility functions
const ENDPONIT = ''
const NETWORK = 'testnet'
const STOP_GAP = 20 // Stop searching addreses for transactions after this number of consecutive addresses with no transactions is found
const bitcoinUtil = {
        walletSyncTimeGap: 3, // Minutes that have to pass after the last sync, to require another sync when performing an operation
        toDescriptor: miniScriptToDescriptor,
        createWallet: (descriptor) => {
          return new Wallet(
        canFinalizePsbt: (psbts) => canFinalizePsbt(psbts),
        getTrxId: (trx) => getTrxIdWasm(trx),
        getFee: (psbt) => getFeeWasm(psbt),
        getPsbtUtxos: (psbt) => getPsbtUtxos(psbt),
        toMiniscript: (descriptor) => descriptorToMiniscript(descriptor)

// Define the Nostr client
const nostrClient = new NostrClient(['wss://'])

// Initialize SmartVaults
const smartVaults = new SmartVaults ({authenticator, bitcoinUtil, nostrClient})